Mar 12, 2018

Plan Now for Real Estate Season 2018

Even though it is still cold and snowy here in the Northern states, it is not too early to begin thinking of your realty needs during the warm moving months. The moving season will be here before we know it! Since real estate is moving so fast in this stronger market and economy, you won't want to be late or unprepared to miss the chance to sell in 2018, nor do you want to risk having your dream home snagged up before you are ready to offer.

Here are 9 cold weather tasks you can work on now to prepare to sell or buy this coming real estate season.

1) Dream where you want to move next. Are you staying nearby locally or planning an adventure move far away? Are you wanting a city high rise or a small town rural farm? Then check out the 2018 Real Estate trends.

2) Plan the logistics of the move. Will you DIY with a U-Haul or will you use a moving service? Begin collecting extra boxes, price and quality shop moving companies, and begin sorting, donating, or even selling belongings that are taking too much space now.

3) Learn about life ongoing. Research job markets in the new town. Learn about public services or transportation in the city. If you are moving to a rural area research wildlife or farming projects that you might enjoy. If you are moving nearby, drive through to take a day trip to find easy routes to the nearby fun hot spots and necessary places for your family such as grocery stores or worship centers.

4) Gather important documents. Mortgage approvals will require proof of funds on hand, income, insurance coverage, etc. Print off recent paystubs if your employer is paperless. Hold onto your tax folder when you come back from your tax accounting appointment (especially any W2's or 1099 forms). Be sure to not shred your bank statements after you are finished balancing your checkbooks.

5) Double check your current obligations. If you are renting, read your lease to see if there are any early move out penalties. Check your contracts with utility companies for the same or also to ask how to switch services to your new home.

6) Clean your home spic and span for showings or to prepare your rental for move out inspection. Perhaps even hire a cleaning service to have a pro tackle a big job.

7) Fix up some curb appeal. Rental move out inspections and open house showings can draw glaring attention to the smallest imperfections. Even in the cold before large outdoor yard projects, you can work on drywall touchups, leaky plumbing, and fabric stains or tears.

8) Be aware of your money. It's easy to lose track of our everyday money transactions, but check your bank often to be sure your accounts or credit have not been compromised. Be aware of spending enough to avoid over-drafts or missed payments that could impact your credit report. Consumers also can request 1 free credit report from all three credit bureaus each year. The cold weather is a good time to look to see your credit is accurate. The most trusted and easy site for requests is through Free Credit Report.

9) Interview your realty helpers. Homes are your largest financial transaction. You will want to work with mortgage officers and realtors that you feel comfortable with. Ask friends for recommendations, then chat with endorsed helpers to see if they are knowledgeable and understand your wants and needs well. You all want to have a good time during a time that can be stressful and unknown. You can also research mortgage companies, loan officers, and brokers at the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System.

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