May 30, 2018

Raintree Park In Troy

Last week we ventured out to Raintree Park in Troy, which is located on the west side of John R between Big Beaver and Wattles.  This 41-acre park hosts an18-hole disc golf course, ball diamond,  two barrier-free play structures, picnic shelter, sand volleyball court, and paved walking path through the woods. There are restrooms are available seasonally too, which is a great added bonus.

I loved how most of the park is shaded, there are plenty of trash cans and a few places for parents to sit. 

In addition to the two play structures, there are two sets of swings, which are set apart from the play structures.  I love that there is a good distance between the two because Naomi still doesn't understand how to avoid getting hit by swings, and the distance provides us with a safety net of space so she doesn't accidentally wander into a swing path before I can get to her. 

There are also some bmx trails along the pathway, which could be fun for a beginner's challenge. 

Finally, a Little Free Library is available near the play structures.  A great opportunity to unload some unused books in your home or pick up a new one. 

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  1. Nice pictures. Thanks for working so hard and sharing for all of us.